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A Heated Affair

I ended 2017 with an 8 mile round trip hike to Hanakapiai Falls in Kauai. 8 miles of slippery mud on the path and 360° beauty. This viewpoint is only about 1/2 mile in...and up.

At the end of the first day of 2018, I caught a red eye flight back to the US mainland. I also caught the flu. By the second flight I had a persistent dry cough. Soon after I arrived home my white blood cells were in full battle mode. My throat was raw, I had the chills and there was blazing pain throughout my body. I cared less about a bomb cyclone outside as I was dealing with one inside.

Contagious and quarantined, canceled plans and lonely. I turned to a magical marathon of Harry Potter films along with Fantastic Beasts...and my hot water bottle. Here's the key points of my feverish relationship with the latter.

It needed to be warmed up.

I was then in danger of being burned.

It needed to be wrapped in protection.

Sometimes even then it was too hot to handle.

I was warned not to fall asleep with it.

But it liked to be cuddled.

It was at its sweetest when it lay on my belly so that I could also wrap my arms around it.

It soothed me when I was in pain.

Yet when it was cold it was of no help whatsoever.

And it needed to be dumped.


This cycle was repeated many, many, many times last week...while we may not be over each other yet, I am over whichever strain of Influenza A I had caught.

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